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The Best Industrial Oils Your Business Can Purchase

Industrial oils are designed to protect all your industrial machinery from natural damage and unexpected failures that could postpone an entire day's production, not to mention the monetary losses it would imply.

Each industry has different requirements and work environments for their machinery. Therefore, not all industrial oils will work as expected for any kind of machinery; it is necessary to consider detailed specifications before purchasing.

At Protex Marine & Industry Oils, we want you to have all the necessary information and guidance before purchasing industrial oils. Our mission is to provide you not only with high-quality products and top technology but to offer you enough information about industrial oils to guarantee your equipment's safety, efficiency, and endurance.

Choosing the Right Industrial Oils

To lubricate a piece of machinery or industrial equipment is, essentially, pouring and oily film between two matting surfaces that function very close to each other, the purpose is to reduce friction and prevent wear caused by direct contact.

And as expected, not all equipment needs the same oil viscosity to function correctly. Choosing the right viscosity involves also knowing the temperature the oil will be once its poured, that's what we know as viscosity index. The higher the temperature, the higher the oil's viscosity must be.

Protex Marine & Industry Oils not only offers a vast range of industrial oils for any kind of machinery and industry but also provides you professional assistance and guidance to help you choose the right product.

We provide industrial oils for circulation, dielectrics, gas cogeneration, compressors, food-grade, gears, hydraulics, heat transfer, refrigeration equipment, pneumatic equipment, turbines, and more.

Choosing the right industrial oils for your equipment guarantees:

  • Thermal stability
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Higher resistance to oxidation
  • Hydraulic stability
  • Protection of the combustion engines, especially at high temperatures
  • The circulation of internal debris and external contaminants

Generally speaking, the right industrial oil for your equipment extends its useful life, maintains its safe functioning, consumes less energy, and becomes cost-efficient.

Choosing Protex Marine & Industry Oils as Your Industrial Oil Supplier

We have a vast experience in the industrial lubricants field, and we also have an extensive catalog of high-quality products for your equipment and a professional team of experts willing to guide you through the purchase process.

All our products are designed to be as protective of the environment as possible, while also caring about the correct performance of our products when being used. Our mission is to help you get the most out of your equipment, not only to guarantee its performance, but also to help you achieve your personal commercial and economic goals.

Some of our clients come from the iron, steel, mines, metalworking, chemical, energy, automotive, and construction industry. We have a solution for each one of them in terms of industrial lubricants and assistance.

We are committed to your employees' safety and business development. Therefore, we are continually testing our products and keeping track of the most advanced technology that is slowly appearing.

Contact us now and let us offer you the best industrial oils we can deliver, and to guide you through this purchase for optimal results.

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